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Best king size mattress for heavy person in 2023

If you are looking for the best king size mattress for heavy person, then you surely want a mattress that can support your weight and make sure you won’t wake up with back pain. 

Because if you weigh over 230 pounds and want sleep, then it is a need of an hour to find for heavy person mattresses. 

Why does Mattress Size Matter? When it comes to good mattress for heavy person, the size you choose is not just for your pleasure—getting the right size is the most crucial factor for a comfortable sleep?

But at the same time, it isn’t easy to find the right mattress to support your body. Because most mattresses aren’t equipped to soothe the extra weight, many don’t have enough budget to afford one with more support.

In the following article, I’ll cover the five best king size mattresses for heavy people and some beneficial tips for finding the best mattress of your choice.

 best king size mattress for heavy person
best king size mattress for heavy person

Essential elements to choosing the best king size mattress for heavy person:

The best mattress for a heavy person is the one that supports your weight. It would help if you have a mattress with a reinforced inner core and supportive cover. 

The ideal mattress will also be responsive to your body and give you the flexibility to stay comfortable when sleeping on your side, stomach, or back.

Here you find the essential elements of the best king size mattress and the necessary factors that offer good support and comfort for heavy sleepers.

1. Reinforced coils: 

  • First of all, you should consider the type of coil that will help you sleep better. You can either choose an open coil or pocket sprung mattress.
  • When choosing between these two king-size mattresses, you should try different coils from different shops and then settle for one that feels comfortable for a heavy person.
  • However, if you want to buy your mattress online, you should ensure that it comes with a guarantee so that you can return it if it does not feel comfortable.

2. Comfort layer: 

  • The mattress’s top layer is called the “comfort layer.” This layer contains the ticking or the padding within the mattress.
  • The comfort layer of a king-size mattress can be made from various materials, including foam, latex or wool.
  • The comfort layer is usually made from layers of foam that are separated by plastic or polyurethane sheets.
  • These sheets ensure that the foam doesn’t stick to one another and keep your spine from moving around too much when sleeping on your king size mattress.

3. Thickness:

  • This is the most critical element to be considered before choosing the best king size mattress for a heavy person.
  • The thickness of a mattress can determine its durability, especially if you weigh more than average. 
  • The thicker the mattress is, the higher the density of its material. As a result, it will provide better support and cushioning for heavy people.
  • Thickness starts at 7 inches and goes up to 12 inches. If you’re looking for a king-size mattress with a thickness under 10 inches, it’s less likely to be the one for heavy person.
  •  So, pick one with at least 10 inches in thickness.

4. The density of foam layers: 

A mattress foam layers between two inches and five inches thick layer. This thickness gives heavy person enough comfort without sacrificing support. 

5. Firmness rating: 

  • People over 200 pounds require a firm bed to support their weight. A firm mattress also reduces sinking and sagging, leading to back pain. 
  • Consider going for king size mattresses with firmness ratings (5-8 on a 10- point scale) or higher for heavy people.
  • This mattress type can provide maximum support to heavy people without making you feel uncomfortable or sore after waking up.

6.  Support:

  • Extra thickness and density are the two primary ingredients of support for a heavy person. If you are looking for a good night’s sleep with your king size mattress, you should consider one that offers extra thickness and density. 
  • The extra thickness is needed to provide comfortable support to your joints and spine, especially when sleeping in your back or side positions. 
  • This situation happens because heavier people tend to sink deeper into the mattress, causing their hips and shoulders to push outwards, leading to back pains.
  • Extra thickness can help prevent this by keeping your joints and spine aligned. On the other hand, extra density is essential in for heavy persons to preserve the firmness of the mattress even after long periods of use.

7. Cooling:

A heavy person tends to sleep hot. The reason is that body fat traps heat in the body. The best king size mattress for such a person is highly recommended as this prevents overheating throughout the night.

List of the best king size mattress for heavy person:

Finding the right mattress is an important decision. The best mattresses for a heavy person provide back support and minimise pressure points. 

These soft mattresses for heavy people provide comfort, restfulness, and a peaceful night, but they can also improve your overall health and well-being. 

Our opinion is that a king-size mattress for a heavy person is essential for health. If you have back problems or suffer from back pain, your priority should be to find the best mattress that remains beneficial for you to relieve the pressure.

Selecting a perfect mattress for the overweight can be difficult. Most traditional innerspring mattresses sag prematurely, causing uncomfortable pressure points and a lack of support. 

A high-quality bed that can comfortably support your weight won’t be more than $699 to $2200. But remember, this is an investment in your sleep. 

Choosing the right king size mattress for heavy people can improve their health and happiness. After analysing hundreds of consumer reviews, we’ve chosen the five best king size mattresses for heavy people. 

These beds are built with thick comfort layers of high-quality memory foam or latex to keep you comfortable and supported.

Here is a shortlist of the best king size Mattress for heavy person:

  • Brooklyn Bedding Titan
  • Dream cloud premier mattress
  • Nectar Lush
  • Big Fig
  • Casper

All mattresses, as mentioned earlier, have the specification to give peaceful advantage to heavy person for being king sized and space to move around.

1. Brooklyn Bedding Titan:

Finally, a bed-in-a-box that doesn’t feel like a foam mattress. The Titan is one of the best king size mattress additions to Brooklyn Bedding’s all-foam mattresses lineup for heavy persons. 

It feels different from their previous offerings due to its high-density polyfoam in the support core. The Titan has an above-average price point compared to other bed-in-a-box mattresses. 

Those heavy persons who want a mattress that has a bouncier feel than most foam models should consider this model as a perfect king size mattress.

The Titan is an all-foam mattress with three firmness options:

  • soft 
  • medium 
  • High density

So, heavy sleepers with different preferences can find the right level of support. It also features a quilted cover for extra comfort and contouring ability, making it a good fit for side sleepers who don’t want to sink too deeply into their king size mattress.

The soft version in this mattress is the best option for heavy side sleepers because it provides enough relief without causing excessive sinking. 

Stomach heavy sleepers generally prefer firmer mattresses to keep their spines aligned and prevent sagging around their midsections, so they will likely prefer the Titan king size mattresses for their comfort zone.

2. Dreamcloud premier:

The DreamCloud Premier Mattress is a great hybrid mattress that combines several layers of memory foam, latex, and coils for a medium-firm feel.

The DreamCloud mattress measures 14″ thick and contains six layers of foam and coils. The topmost layer of the DreamCloud is a super soft cashmere blend quilted into the top of the mattress. 

This layer adds an extra element of softness and comfort to the surface of the mattress.

Comfort Layers – Directly below the cover are gel-infused memory foam and latex-like foam comfort layers that transition into the firmer support core. The layers in this king size mattress provide pressure relief and comfort to heavy sleepers.

Transition Layer – A pocketed coil transition layer provides added contouring and additional bounciness to the king size mattress. The coils are individually wrapped in fabric pockets, so they move independently from one another to better conform to heavy sleepers’ bodies.

Support Core – The base layer of pocketed coils is reinforced by high-density polyfoam around their perimeter to provide stable support for sleepers regardless of body type or sleeping position.

We think that this is best mattress for heavy persons because it helps keep the bed cool and comfortable.

The main downside to this mattress is the price. It’s considerably more expensive than most other beds, but if you’re looking for a luxury mattress and a king size mattress for a heavy person, DreamCloud may be right for you.

3. Nectar Lush Mattress:

The NECTAR mattress comes with everything you need for a good night’s sleep. It has a lower layer of memory foam for support and a top layer of softer foam for comfort. 

It also has a plush feel and an open-cell structure that keeps you cool. It has 100% non-woven fabric (polypropylene) + 4.5mm melamine resin plate, 4.5kg/square meter, 1.5 meters, and 30 meters (need to be cut according to the actual situation).

The Nectar mattress has a lower layer of 1.8 PCF density foam, where all the support comes. This layer supports your spine and prevents you from sinking into your mattress while you sleep.

It provides better spinal alignment for heavy people and relieves pressure points to give you a relaxing night of sleep and is perfectly fine to move around freely due to the king-size mattress.

The top layer of 3 PCF memory foam provides comfort by contouring to your body shape. It hugs you in place and makes sure that you don’t move an inch while you sleep during the night. 

The best fact about this king size mattress for heavy people  is that it sleeps cool because of its breathable design. You don’t have to worry about overheating in bed anymore.

Best usage for chronic back problems:

This is the perfect mattress for heavy people who suffer from chronic back problems. The Nectar king size mattress sleeps cool and won’t heat up at night. 

Superior support means you can sleep pain-free. The cover is removable and washable, which can protect you from dust mites.

4. Big-fig Mattress:

The Big Fig Mattress is the world’s first and only mattress explicitly designed for the unique needs of king size sleepers.

It combines premium materials with its patented design to create a better night’s sleep for people of all shapes and sizes. 

The Big Fig king sized bed was made for larger or heavier individuals who need extra support when they sleep.

It is made from high-quality, durable materials, including our patented Triple Layer ThermoGel infused memory foam, the Big Fig king size is refractory to sagging in even the heaviest sleepers. 

It comes with a 20-year warranty that covers any structural defects or sagging greater than 0.75 inches.

Reasons for its creation:

The Big Fig Mattress was created by two heavy brothers who were frustrated that they couldn’t find a king size mattress that would stand up to their weight and sleep needs.

After months of research and development, they created the ultimate bed for plus-size sleepers.

Features: Hypoallergenic, Cooling, Antimicrobial.

5. Casper sleep mattress:

The Casper Sleep Mattress is a unique piece of bedding that is good for all types of sleepers. It has a very comfortable design inside, and it is made with a solid and durable foam construction that will hold up well to everyday use.

The king size mattress has the best medium feel for heavy person that is neither too hard nor too soft, and it also has a breathable upper layer that helps keep you cool throughout the night. 

This mattress is available in six different sizes, so you can find one that works well for any space.

  1. Twin
  2. Twin XL full
  3. Queen
  4. King
  5. California king.

The Casper king size mattress uses four layers of foam to create an optimal combination of support and comfort for heavy persons.

The top layer is designed for improved airflow and temperature regulation. The second layer is for comfort. The third layer distributes your weight evenly across the mattress.

The fourth layer provides a solid base for the rest of the other three layers.The Casper sleep king size mattress for heavy people provides a limited warranty of ten years.


There are plenty of great options for king size mattresses, including luxury models and budget-friendly ones for heavy persons. 

You will likely to find one among the best king size mattress that fits your needs, whether you’re a lightweight or heavyweight sleeper. 

Our expert opinion goes with Brooklyn Bedding Titan because The Titan is one of the best king size mattress additions to Brooklyn Bedding’s all-foam mattresses lineup for heavy persons. 

Don’t be afraid to test them out in person before making a purchase. Remember to keep these tips in mind to have a positive experience.

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