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dyson flashing red light

We’ve all encountered the annoyance of a Dyson flashing red light. This question has piqued our curiosity, prompting us to embark on a comprehensive research endeavor to satisfy our inquisitive minds.

Within the confines of this literary piece, we shall delve deeper into the intricate workings of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. 

We highly recommend that you continue perusing the text in order to acquire an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. 

By consuming the entirety of this article, you may also be exposed to some resolutions to any annoyance of a Dyson vacuum cleaner malfunctioning and preventing you from cleaning efficiently.

What Does a Flashing Red Light on a Dyson Mean? 

As you charge or power on your Dyson vacuum cleaner, take note of the hue of the LED light emanating from the device. Dyson has meticulously crafted the manner in which the LED lights convey information regarding the operational state of the unit. 

This includes the frequency of the flashes of the LED light, which are significant indicators of the specific malfunctions that your vacuum cleaner may be experiencing.

Should you ever encounter a dyson flashing red light, it is indicative of a faulty battery, a common issue that arises due to the natural wear and tear of the device. 

It is essential to recognize that the sole resolution to this particular predicament is the replacement of the battery. 

Nevertheless, before proceeding with the battery replacement, there are several regulations and factors that necessitate consideration.

To ensure that the battery is indeed the root cause of the problem, it is imperative to undertake the following steps:

  1. Firstly, retrieve your Dyson vacuum cleaner and initiate a lengthy charging session for approximately three and a half hours. 

Once the charging has concluded, attempt to power on the vacuum cleaner to determine if the issue persists.

  1. Upon connecting the Dyson vacuum cleaner to the charging station, it is essential to scrutinize the color of the LED light emitted by the device. 

When a dyson flashing red light is observed, then the vacuum cleaner must be disconnected from the charging station and directly plugged into the appliance. 

On the other hand, if a flashing blue light is observed, it is advisable to attempt another charging session for the device, lasting roughly three and a half hours. 

If the LED light continues to flash red after this subsequent charging session, then the battery must be regarded as defective and requires replacement.

  1. When your Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes an orange light, it indicates an activation of its security system to protect the device’s battery from extreme temperatures. 

To ensure that the vacuum is functioning well, it is advised to move it to a different location with a temperature range of 37 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. If the max button on your Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes yellow or orange, it means there may be a blockage in the machine or the filters are dirty. 

To solve this issue, you can start by inspecting the reservoir compartments, brush, and suction tube for blockages. 

Afterward, clean the filters and check for any signs of damage. If any damage is present, it is recommended to replace the damaged part.

How to prevent a dyson from flashing red light?

Avoid charging the battery in extreme temperatures

It is important to take into consideration the placement of the battery in your Dyson vacuum, particularly if it is exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Battery performance can be significantly impacted if it is subjected to temperatures below 37 degrees Fahrenheit or above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As batteries are highly susceptible to temperature changes, it is vital to keep them in a moderate environment.

Additionally, it is essential to ensure that you utilize the battery of your vacuum cleaner correctly. If you are using less than 25% of its load capacity, you may not be optimizing its performance. 

Similar to cell phone batteries, you should keep your vacuum’s battery charged between 20% to 100% capacity to ensure long-term battery health. 

It is recommended to charge the battery immediately when it reaches 20% battery life to maintain battery longevity.

Lastly, it is important to note that not all batteries are compatible with your Dyson vacuum cleaner. If the battery you are using is not the original battery or is not compatible with your vacuum, it may not perform to its full potential or even damage your device. 

Always ensure to use the correct and compatible battery for your Dyson vacuum to avoid any issues.

Reset you battery

If charging the battery of your Dyson vacuum does not resolve the problem of a flashing red light, you can try resetting the battery. This is a quick and straightforward process that may help resolve the issue.

To reset the battery, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the charger from the power source.
  2. Plug the charger back into the power source.
  3. Connect the charger to your Dyson vacuum.
  4. Press and hold the trigger/power button on your vacuum for 20 seconds.
  5. Release the button after 20 seconds.

This process should reset the battery and may help resolve the issue of the dyson flashing red light. If the problem persists, it may indicate a more significant problem with your vacuum’s battery, and you may need to consider replacing it.

By following these steps, you can quickly and easily reset your Dyson vacuum’s battery and potentially resolve any issues you are experiencing.

dyson flashing red light

Regular maintenance of dyson vacuum brush

When you are in the middle of vacuuming, it is not uncommon for dirt and hair to accumulate on Dyson’s brushbar. If you haven’t cleaned the brushbar for an extended period of time, it could be causing the problem.

To remedy this issue, the most effective approach is to begin by removing the endcap from the brushbar using a coin. Then, rotate the endcap counterclockwise to unscrew it. This will provide you with access to the brushbar, which you can now clean thoroughly.

Regularly cleaning your Dyson’s brushbar is crucial for maintaining its efficiency and prolonging its lifespan. By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily clean your vacuum’s brushbar and get back to your cleaning task in no time!

Replace your battery

If you have exhausted all other options and your Dyson vacuum’s battery is still not functioning correctly, you may need to consider replacing it. 

Depending on whether your device is under warranty or not, you can either send it back to the manufacturer for battery replacement or replace it at home.

Before you begin the battery replacement process, it is essential to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment at hand. 

These include a screwdriver, the new battery, the user’s guide for safety instructions, a clear surface to work on, and a soft cloth.

The user’s guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to replace the battery safely and correctly. It is crucial to follow the instructions closely to avoid any potential hazards or damage to your device.

Replacing the battery can be a simple process, and doing it yourself can save you time and money. With the right tools and instructions, you can replace the battery in your Dyson vacuum with ease.

Steps on how to replace a battery

To perform the battery replacement, adhere to the subsequent instructions:

  1. Initially, eliminate the duo of screws with the aid of the screwdriver. There will be one screw situated on the grip, while the second will be positioned on the superior facade of the battery.
  2. Delicately extract the battery from its resting place. Owing to the accumulated dirt and usage, the battery might exhibit some rigidity.
  3. Ensure that the new battery conforms to the equivalent size and technicalities as the former.
  4. Carefully slide the replacement battery into the allocated slot and exert a mild force, so it enters with an audible click.
  5. To secure the battery, affix the duo of new screws onto the grip and the remaining one onto the apex of the battery.
  6. Ultimately, affix the bin canister and seal the container.
  7. Be mindful that the new battery arrives partially charged, and therefore, necessitates a 3.5-hour charging duration to reach full capacity before commencing usage.

Upon completion of the charging process, assess the battery’s functional status to determine if the dyson flashing red light issue has been resolved. However, if the issue continues to persist, you ought to contact customer support.

Instructions on how to choose a Dyson new battery

In the event that the battery in question is covered by warranty, it is incumbent upon you to contact the customer support department of the manufacturer and open a ticket in order to establish whether or not you qualify for a gratuitous replacement.

It is customary for the warranty to last for a period of two years. In the event that the battery is not encompassed by this arrangement, you may peruse a list of compatible replacements. 

It is advisable, however, to opt for a model endorsed by the manufacturer, as this is the most secure option. 

Should you desire a lengthier duration of operation and enhanced ruggedness, it may be in your best interest to select an accumulator with a greater capacity, such as a 3000mAh or 4000mAh battery. 

You should steer clear of purchasing an inexpensive, low-quality alternative, as this may prove to be disadvantageous in the long run.

Before committing to acquiring a novel accumulator for your Dyson sweeper, it would be judicious to verify its technicalities. 

You might peruse the Dyson product pamphlet provided upon purchase or investigate the specifics etched onto the current power cell. 

Ordinarily, a Dyson battery presents with the subsequent specifications: 21.6 volts of electrical potential, 2100 milliampere-hours of capacity, and a 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery classification.

You can purchase Dyson’s new battery from here.

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View on Amazon

Few indications related to dyson flashing red light

In some of the more antiquated models of Dyson vacuum cleaners, such as those belonging to the Dyson V7 series, a red indicator light may also be indicative of a motor malfunction. 

While Dyson has not corroborated this assertion, many online forums suggest that the number of flashes of the red light may provide more information about the issue at hand. 

If the red light flickers more than 12 times, this may indicate that the problem lies with the battery, while fewer than 12 blinks may suggest a malfunction with the vacuum cleaner motor. 

It is also important to note that with extremely old Dyson vacuum cleaners, there may be a disparity between a flashing red light and a solid red light. 

If the red light is flashing, this may signify that the battery requires charging. Conversely, if the red light remains illuminated, this could indicate that the battery has suffered irreparable damage. 

It is crucial to recognize that this information is solely applicable to older Dyson vacuum cleaners and has not been verified by the manufacturer.


We highly recommend that you take prompt action to tackle the issue with your dyson flashing red light to prevent any additional damage. By doing so, you can avoid further harm to your device and extend its lifespan.

We trust that you have found this article informative and helpful. If you require additional assistance with your household and appliance dilemmas, please feel free to visit our website or explore the resources listed below for more information.

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