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Dyson v6 flashing blue light

If you own a Dyson vacuum cleaner, this article will help you to understand the various reasons why your Dyson V6 flashing blue light appears. 

By providing you with the possible causes and solutions to this issue, you can troubleshoot your device and resolve the problem effectively. 

So, read on to gain insights on how to properly deal with the blue light flashing issue on your Dyson V6.

Reasons for V6 flashing blue light

This statement suggests that if you observe a blue light flashing on a device, it could imply that the device has run out of power, and its battery needs to be charged. 

In contrast, a flashing amber light might indicate a power outage or a temporary issue like the device being too hot or cold.

A blue light near the battery of a Dyson vacuum cleaner alerts the user when the vacuum isn’t working correctly. 

If the light turns on, it’s essential to stop using the vacuum immediately and address the issue to avoid any potential safety hazards and prevent additional damage to the vacuum cleaner. 

The light serves as a warning signal to get your attention and ensure that the vacuum is operating correctly before continuing use.

If the blue light on the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner is flashing while vacuuming, it indicates that there is a problem with the device. Here are some possible reasons why the blue light is flashing:

Low battery

Seeing a dyson v6 flashing blue light could be a sign that the battery needs to be charged or replaced.

If the battery is low or needs recharging, the blue light may start flashing. In this case, the vacuum cleaner may need to be charged before it can resume normal operation.


If the vacuum cleaner’s motor or battery gets too hot, the blue light may start flashing to indicate a potential overheating issue. 

In such a case, the vacuum cleaner should be turned off and allowed to cool down before it can be used again.


If you notice a dyson V6 flashing blue light, it could mean that the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

This is because blockages can cause the motor to overheat, and the vacuum cleaner may shut down as a safety measure. 

In such a case, the blockage needs to be cleared before the vacuum cleaner can continue to operate.

Hardware issue

A flashing blue light may also indicate a hardware issue, such as a faulty battery, motor, or circuit board. 

In this case, the vacuum cleaner may need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

Poorly connected components

Another reason for dyson v6 flashing blue light, is its poorly connected motor or other internal components.

If any of the attachments, such as the wand or the cleaner head, are not properly connected, it can cause the vacuum cleaner to malfunction and trigger the flashing blue light. 

In this case, it’s essential to check that all attachments are securely connected to the vacuum cleaner before using it.

Techniques to get rid of dyson v6 flashing blue light

Yes, it’s important to check the cause of the flashing blue light on your Dyson V6 vacuum as soon as possible to prevent any potential safety hazards and to avoid further damage to the vacuum cleaner. 

Here are some techniques to get rid of the flashing blue light and maintain your Dyson V6 vacuum:

Charge the battery: 

If the flashing blue light is due to a low battery, it’s essential to recharge the battery. Make sure to follow the charging instructions provided by Dyson in the user manual.

Clean or replace the filter: 

A dirty or clogged filter can cause the vacuum cleaner to overheat, triggering the flashing blue light. Cleaning or replacing the filter can help resolve the issue.

You can purchase the filter from from Amazon.

Check for blockages: 

Blockages in the vacuum cleaner’s hose or brush bar can cause the device to overheat and trigger the flashing blue light. Clearing any blockages can help resolve the issue.

Ensure all attachments are securely connected: 

A common reason for a dyson V6 flashing blue light is a blockage in the vacuum’s hose or attachment

If any of the attachments are not properly connected, it can cause the vacuum cleaner to malfunction and trigger the flashing blue light. 

Make sure all attachments are securely connected before using the vacuum cleaner.

Avoid vacuuming with high dust emissions: 

Using a vacuum cleaner that is not working properly can increase the amount of dust and allergens in the air. 

It’s best to avoid using the vacuum cleaner until the flashing blue light issue has been resolved.

dyson v6 flashing blue light

Regular maintenance: 

To keep your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner in good condition, it’s important to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning the filter and checking for blockages. Refer to the user manual for specific maintenance instructions.

Indication when you should replace a battery

If your Dyson vacuum won’t charge, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. Dyson cordless vacuums come with an LED indicator system that provides information on the vacuum’s charging status. 

When you place the vacuum into its charging dock, you should see a solid blue light, indicating that the vacuum is charging normally. Once the battery is fully charged, the light should turn off, indicating that the charging is complete. 

If the light is not turning on or is blinking, it could indicate an issue with the vacuum’s battery or charging dock, and it’s recommended to refer to the user manual or contact Dyson customer support for further assistance. 

Understanding what causes a Dyson V6 flashing blue light can help you troubleshoot and prevent the issue in the future.

Disrupted cods

Electric cables, in general, are subject to wear and tear over time. They may undergo rough handling, getting run over or trampled, experiencing excessive pulling or being nibbled on by your pets. 

A damaged cable not only brings the operation of your vacuum to a halt, but it also poses a serious threat to your safety and well-being.

To avoid any harm, always disconnect the cable before investigating the reason why your Dyson vacuum won’t turn on. 

In case of any visible damage, cease using the device immediately and opt to obtain a replacement from Dyson. 

While you are at it, make sure to conduct a thorough examination of the battery casing. Note that in most cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners, the battery is typically situated on the handle of the machine.

For instance, models like the V6 and V7 have a detachable battery pack. This distinct feature makes it less of a hassle for users to detach the battery pack and carry out a detailed investigation in case of a malfunction. 

Do pay attention to any signs of damage or cracks on the battery casing as these are crucial indicators of permanent battery damage, necessitating immediate replacement.

Destructed charging slot

If you’re experiencing issues with your wall-mounted docking station, there are a few things you can try before seeking professional assistance.

Firstly, make sure that the docking station is mounted correctly and securely. If it’s loose or wobbly, it may not be able to maintain a good connection with your vacuum, causing charging issues.

Secondly, check the cable to see if it’s properly connected and not damaged or frayed. If it’s damaged, you may need to replace the cable.

If you find that the cable is too short to reach your vacuum, you can purchase a longer replacement cable from Dyson. 

Alternatively, you can try using an extension cord, but be sure to use one that’s appropriate for your vacuum’s wattage to avoid electrical hazards.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, it’s best to contact Dyson customer support for further assistance.

Obstruction in the vacuum cleaners passage

Obstruction in the dust canister, hose, or wand are frequently encountered concerns with vacuum cleaners, leading to complete power failure.

The air passage can be blocked by foreign items such as socks or hairballs, causing the device to shut down entirely. In addition, neglecting to wash the filters on a regular basis can result in a clogged air passage, resulting in a power loss.

To address this, it is crucial to conduct a thorough examination of every nook and cranny of the vacuum for any obstacles and cautiously remove them. Regular washing of the filters can also help in avoiding blockages and sustaining the device’s functionality.

In some instances, the battery on Dyson V6 models may significantly deteriorate over time, causing reduced running time and preventing proper charging of the vacuum. If such circumstances occur, battery replacement may become a necessity.

It’s important to address a Dyson V6 flashing blue light promptly to avoid further damage to the device.

Untidy cleaner

Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner. 

As dust and debris accumulate inside the vacuum, it can block the airways, reduce suction power, and strain the battery. 

This can lead to a decrease in performance and eventually cause the vacuum to stop working altogether.

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to clean the vacuum’s interior, dustbin, and filter regularly. You can start by emptying the dustbin and washing it with mild soap and water. 

Next, remove the filter and wash it thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling it.

You can also use a soft brush or a cloth to wipe down the interior of the vacuum, including the motor, airways, and brush bar. This will help remove any accumulated dirt and debris that can hinder the vacuum’s performance.

Additionally, it’s essential to avoid overfilling the dustbin or leaving it unemptied for too long. A full dustbin can reduce suction power and strain the battery, leading to a shorter runtime.

By performing regular maintenance and cleaning of your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner, you can ensure its optimal performance, extend its lifespan, and save money in the long run.

Burn out fuse

It’s important to note that using the wrong type of fuse with the incorrect amp rating could result in a serious electrical problem, including a fire hazard. 

Therefore, it is always best to replace the fuse with the same amp rating as the original one. In case the fuse is not the issue, it’s recommended to check the power outlet and make sure it’s working correctly. 

You can try plugging in another appliance to see if it turns on. If the outlet is faulty, it’s best to get an electrician to fix it.

If you’re still experiencing issues with your Dyson vacuum after replacing the fuse and checking the power outlet, it’s best to contact Dyson customer support for assistance. 

They will be able to guide you through further troubleshooting steps or advise you on the best course of action.


If one comprehends the reason behind dyson v6 flashing blue light, one can effortlessly rectify the predicament. 

Always ensure that the vacuum cleaner is free from blockages and remains unpolluted to avoid such a circumstance.

However, if the blue light continues to flicker despite attempting all feasible resolutions, it would be expedient to procure a fresh Dyson filter as a replacement for the former.

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