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How to get urine stain out of mattress in 2023

Dealing with unwanted odors and marks can be annoying. So, do you want to get the urine stain out of the mattress? If you do, we can help! You may not think it’s important, but having a clean mattress is key to your overall health. 

Because, once the mattress has been cleaned and a new cover installed, you are all set to enjoy your new bedding. 

If you have found a wet spot or have soiled the mattress with urine, it is easy to clean up other messes and remove stains caused by chemicals, children, or pets. 

You’re in the right place, and you need to read this article thoroughly and follow the given instructions of experts.

How to clean urine stain from a mattress?

Cleaning urine stains and eliminating odors from the mattress is a challenge that can be handled but not without proper preparation. 

It will take thoughtful planning and careful execution, but it is possible to complete the task. This list of knowledge has provided you with a great deal of valuable information and step-by-step instructions to help you on your journey.

There are several ways to remove urine stains from the mattress. However, the best way is;

  • The use of Urine Gone spray.
  •  Spray the stain with this product and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. 
  • After that step, take a damp cloth and wipe the area you sprayed. Repeat until the stain has been removed.

The second way to remove dried urine strain on a mattress is;

  • Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products that may damage your mattress.
  • For stains on your mattress, use cleaning solutions like water and detergent.
  • Vacuum up any residue and allow it to dry well. Once you have cleaned the urine stain, let it dry completely, and then make sure it is scorched before using it again.
  • To remove urine stains from your mattress, you can use water and vinegar. 
  • Make sure that you apply this solution very carefully to avoid leaving any stains of urine on your mattress.
  • If you see a urine stain on your mattress that is already dried up or that looks like it has been stained by urine. Try to remove it by gently rubbing the stain with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • If this tip does not work, try using white vinegar or baking soda to help remove the urine stain.
  • It would be best never to forget to check for stains before using any detergent or cleaning product on your mattress. Because if you do not clean it, it will not be effective for your mattress.
How to get urine stain out of mattress
How to get urine stain out of mattress

Another method to get urine strain off the mattress is;

  • Soak up as much as possible with paper towels or old rags.
  • If you have a wet and dry vacuum, at least one you can use, but it’s not necessary. Make sure to get both sides of the mattress.
  • Saturate the spot with an enzyme cleaner. You can also use a commercial product, i.e., Nature’s Miracle, Kids ‘n’ Pets, or Zero Odor. You can make your reliable product by mixing 1 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent with 2 cups of water. 
  • Spray on enough cleaner to soak into the mattress and then let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Blot up the remaining liquid with paper towels or rags.
  • Again, you can use a wet/dry vacuum if you have one but only run it over the surface of the mattress (don’t let it touch any electrical components). 
  • Leave windows open and fans running to help speed up drying time.
  • Leave the mattress uncovered overnight to air out if you have more than 24 hours until bedtime. Otherwise, cover it with foil and something heavy like books to keep pets away until bedtime.
  • Wash all bedding and clothes that came into contact with urine in hot water. Use an extra scoop of detergent (add 1/2 cup white vinegar for extra cleaning power).
  • Take it for dryness in front of the sun and let the germs and smell stay away from the bed cover and mattress.

How to get urine stain out of a mattress, if you have any PET?

In this researched piece of writing, you will go through some good tips on removing dried urine stains from mattresses, and you should read this article and learn it. 

Finding urine stains on a mattress is frustrating, while the urine can quickly get into the material and cushion. 

Pet urine can be a stubborn stain on the mattresses. The mattress is the place that often suffers from pet urine which causes a foul odor if it is not cleaned on time.

Pets tend to leave odors wherever they go, not just on the carpet/mattress. If you have ever experienced a pet, you know that it is common for pets to urinate on things like mattresses, carpets, floors, and other soft surfaces. 

Few beneficial steps to clean the pet urine stains from your mattress;

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce the odor. 

  • Firstly, you should remove all of the pet’s urine as soon as possible with tissue paper or any soft fabric.
  • The longer the urine sits on a carpet or a mattress, the more likely it is to soak into it and cause a permanent stain. 
  • There is a need to use a pet urine cleaner to work on the stain and help eliminate any residual odor.
  • You can also find some good products that will help with removing stubborn urine stains by using baking soda and white vinegar. 
  • Baking soda works best because it absorbs the liquid and helps break down any residue left behind from your pet’s urine. 
  • Certain cleaners are used if you cannot remove all of your dog’s urine yourself. 
  • These cleaners can be obtained at your local pet store or in many retail stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. 
  • Some of these cleaners can also help eliminate odors. you can say that the most significant benefit of using these cleaners is providing the service of “buy one and get one free.”
  • One most essential thing that you should keep in mind is that for more vigorous cleansing of pet stains, there is a need for enzymes that can easily remove odor.

if you can’t obliterate the urine stain, you can still keep your mattress fresh and clean by using the following method ;

  • Pre-treat the stain with a mixture of vinegar and water until it soaks the area.
  • Then spray some vinegar on the stain and let it soak in.
  • Once you have finished pre-treating, please place it in a washing bag and put it into a washing machine.
  • Add some tiny drops of liquid detergent or bleach into the water.
  • Now cover the pillows with water-proof covers to prevent damage from spills and wetness.

How to get urine stain out of a mattress by washing it in a machine?

In the above-researched content, we discuss how to clean your mattresses? And how to get rid of the urine smell and stains if you have a pet? Now we will discuss how to get urine stains from your mattress by washing it in a machine.

Because, If you have a mattress peed on, there is no need to panic. This article will provide a safe and effective cleaning strategy. A urine-stained mattress can be cleaned in a washing machine using some simple steps that are as follows;

  • You can clean it in the washing machine.
  • You need to remove the mattress’s protective cover and place it in a washing bag.
  • After that, you need to add a few drops of liquid laundry soap, detergent, or bleach into the water. 
  • Then the mattress should be left to soak for about an hour.
  • Once the cover is dry, you should spray some vinegar and water mixture over the mattress and let it on for several minutes.
  • You want to get rid of that stain, but the more you treat the mattress with harsh chemicals, the worse it will be.
  • If the mattresses with urine stains can not be treated well, then applying warm water and washing powder is the best and simplest way.

How to get urine stain out of mattress using steam cleaning:

There are many ways to clean urine stains, but steam cleaning is one of the best methods. Here is a list of those step by step instructions that are helpful for you;

  • Steam cleaning effectively cleans the stains and works quickly, not damaging the mattress.
  • Heat treatment/ steam cleaning, also known as baking or sanitizing, is a process that uses heat from an external source to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Heat drying is used to dry the mattress and prevent cracks, urine stains, and other damages without affecting the fabrics.
  • The drying process known as baking or sanitizing uses heat.
  • After steam cleaning, a mattress can be dry within 2 to 4 hours.
  • But mostly, it depends on how quickly you do a steam cleaning.
  • Try to open many doors and windows of your room after removing the stains, or the mattress should be outside in the air where the sunlight directly interacts with it.

How to get urine stains out of mattresses in the future?

If your children are wearing diapers, the following tips are used to prevent urine odors and stains in the future;

  • Change your baby’s diapers often.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry that place where you change your baby’s diapers.
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible before they become dried urine stains.
  • Wash your hands after changing every diaper
  • Don’t let soiled clothes sit for long periods before washing them.

If you have any pets, then the best way to get rid of urine stains and odors in the future is;

  • The use of water-proof mattresses.
  • Try your best to thoroughly wash your bed covers and other bedding that can make it easy to prevent unpleasant urine stains.


Here are our key takeaways from this article: Gaining knowledge to determine how to get urine stains out from your mattress is essential. Be sure to read and go through this article carefully.

If you can identify the cause of the stains, you can take preventive measures and ensure that your mattress stays clean in the future.

Urine stains on mattresses are undesirable, and in this article, we have discussed non-destructive methods to remove urine stains. Learning how to get rid of urine stains out of the mattress will give you confidence. 

You will be able to deal with urine stains when they happen. For your ease, we revealed the secrets of maintaining a clean and fresh mattress at all times, maximizing your chances of never having to replace it again.

Urine stains can be an embarrassing and unsavory issue. This article will help you recognize the causes and symptoms of a urine mattress stain. It will also provide you with how-to’s on pre-treatment and prevention.

By applying the given tips and ideas in this article, you will be able to get rid of urine stains and keep your mattress clean and stain-free. Putting into practice what you learned here will mean that you will soon be able to say goodbye to urine stains.

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