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My head hurts when I lay down on my pillow – Guide 2023

My head hurts when I lay down on my pillow. Is it true? I think sometimes it is in my dream, but when I wake up, it’s still there. 

Have you ever tried to read about it? I did the research for two weeks in the local library, and I found the cure for headaches.

Are you suffering from head pain that worsens every time you lay down on a pillow? You might want to consider changing your pillow type or sleeping position. 

A study in the journal Neurology found that 1 in 5 people says, “We Get Headaches When We Lay Down”, so it’s no wonder if we’re having problems.

My head when lying down on a pillow can be a devastating experience. Intense, excruciating pain is distracting and leaves you unable to focus. 

But fear not—the potential causes are pretty straightforward because One of the modern human beings’ most significant and most common complaints is headaches. 

The first step is figuring out what’s causing your head to hurt. Is it because your pillow is too high or too low? Is it due to a sleep disorder that’s causing you to grind your teeth throughout the night? 

Whatever the reason, there are some simple ways to tackle it and get the restful, peaceful sleep you deserve.

My head hurts when I lay down on my pillow
My head hurts when I lay down on my pillow

Why does my head hurts when I lay down on my pillow?

Does your head hurt when you lay down on your pillow? The term used for this is “headache on lying down.” This situation can be a frustrating and painful experience, with pain flaring up at the end of a long day.

But why does this happen? Head hurts usually due to muscle tension or a blood vessel problem. The pain can also worsen during other activities, like exercise or eating.

So, what are the biggest reasons behind a head pain from lying down on a pillow? Read on as we discuss the common causes of headaches on lying down.

Reasons why your head hurts when you lay down on a pillow:

1. Dehydration:

This is one of the most common and easily remedied causes of headaches when you lay down.

  • Without enough fluids in your body, your blood vessels constrict, and your brain doesn’t get the oxygen it needs
  • That hurts the head and sometimes even nausea. 
  • Put down the coffee and grab some water instead.

2. Menstrual Migraine:

For women who suffer from migraines during their periods.

  • The change in hormone levels may hurt the head intensely at night just before sleeping or right after waking up from a pillow. 
  • Using an oral contraceptive can prevent this kind of headache in many cases.

3. Hypnic Headache:

If you feel like every time you lay down on your pillow, your head hurts within minutes

  • You may have a hypnic headache, which is rare and affects less than 1% of people. 
  • This type of headache typically occurs in the REM (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT) sleep.
  • This type of headache can also be linked to melatonin production.

4. Discomfort pillow:

The head is the essential part of the body.

  • It protects our brain, eyes, nose, and ears. It allows us to think, see and hear. 
  • Our head is a vital part of our body. That’s why we need to take good care of it.  
  • Unfortunately, most people do not take good care of their heads. 
  • They put their heads down on uncomfortable pillows when sleeping at night. 
  • When they sleep, their head is awkward on their pillow. This position causes neck and back pain in the morning.

5. Bad Circulation of blood:

When you are lying down, the blood in your body pools in your lower body. 

  • This poor blood circulation causes a drop in blood pressure and decreases blood flow to your brain. 
  • When blood flow is restricted, the brain signals for its oxygen reserves to be released into the bloodstream.
  • While this helps keep the brain active and prevents it from going into survival mode, it can result in a pounding feeling at the back of your head or neck. 
  • The discomfort usually goes away after a few minutes of being awake and moving around.

In addition to poor Circulation, sleeping on your pillow can hurt if you have an injury or inflammation around your neck or upper back. The position you sleep in may also affect how you feel when you wake up. 

If you sleep with your head tilted back, it can lead to a headache because there isn’t enough blood flow to the neck and upper spine area.

6. Pressure on specific nerves:

Another common reason some people get their head hurt when they lay down on their pillow is pressure on specific nerves. 

  • That runs near or through the cervical vertebrae (neck bones). 
  • These nerves are the causes for sending messages from one part of our bodies to another—such as for controlling movement—and if they become compressed by lying on your

Essential things to keep in mind when choosing a Pillow:

When looking for the best pillow to avoid hurting your head, there are many factors to consider, headaches can occur for several reasons, and pillows often have different effects on different people. That’s why it’s essential to buy a tailored pillow tailored to your needs. 

  • The first thing to do when looking for the best pillow to help with headaches is to find a pillow that supports your neck, shoulders, and head properly. Your head should be in alignment with your spine. 
  • If you sleep on your back, your neck should not be flexing upward or down too much. The pillow should cover up the space between your shoulder and ear if you sleep on your side so it doesn’t hurt your head. 
  • This position will keep both of them at a level and reduce their stress throughout the night. 
  • When looking for the best pillow to help you with hurting your head, the second thing to consider is finding a pillow that matches how you typically sleep. 
  • For example, when you try to sleep on your back, you will need a flatter pillow so that the weight of your head doesn’t cause neck strain. 
  • If you sleep on your side, you will need one that is more substantial to keep your neck aligned properly while still providing support for all your body systems.

Fortunately, there are various easy ways to prevent yourself from hurting your head on a pillow.

All it takes is finding the right pillow for you and committing to using it every night. Here’s a list of the best pillows for people who suffer from frequent headaches:

Top 3 best pillows to avoid hurting your head:

  • TEMPUR-Neck Pillow
  • Hullo Buckwheat Pillow
  • Mediflow water pillow

Tempur neck pillow:


Material;  extra firm

Size;  small,medium.large

Designed for;  side or back sleepers.

Warranty;  5years

Return policy;  no

The TEMPUR-Neck Pillow is one of our most popular pillows. Such pillows are designed to support the head and comfort the neck while laying down. 

This pillow is ideal for anyone who wants relief from their current pillow and is looking for something that will support them to sleep better at night.

The TEMPUR-Neck Pillow has been designed with three critical factors in mind: contour, height and density. The contour provides a gradual slope from high on the sides to low in the centre.

That helps support the head and keep it in an optimal position during sleep, reducing pressure on the neck so it doesn’t hurt when laying down.

At 4″ high, this pillow is slightly higher than standard pillows, ideal for back sleepers. The pillow’s density is medium-firm, and it’s made from our proprietary Tempur material, which is soft where you want it and firm where you need it.

The TEMPUR Neck Pillow comes in various sizes to suit your individual needs, including small, medium and large—each with a different contour level that’s specifically tailored to your body size. It also comes with a removable, washable cover that’s soft and breathable.

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow: 


Airflow; stay cool all night

Size; small, medium and large

Material, no polyester or any other chemical-based foam

Warranty; 30-day money-back guarantee

Hullo is a buckwheat pillow that makes sleep more comfortable. Hullo is filled with whole organic buckwheat hulls. 

Buckwheat pillows are the world’s longest-used natural pillow, and today’s buckwheat pillows are designed to provide maximum customization and comfort when your head is hurting. 

Buckwheat hulls pillow form to your head and neck, providing support while conforming to your every move as you lay down on your pillow. The hulls also allow air to flow through, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night.

Buckwheat pillows usually aren’t machine washable, but Hullo is one of the few! Hullo’s outer cover is 100% organic cotton and can be removed for machine washing.

The inner cover is made from 100% unbleached hemp canvas with zipper closure to keep the hulls inside. 

With these two layers, you choose between using the outer cover alone for sleeping or using both covers for extra protection against dust mites and allergens.

Mediflow Water Pillow:


Material; polycotton

Designed for; all sleep positions

Size; Queen pillowcases

Creation; USA

It is a famous brand of water pillows that have been around for some time. They’re also known to be one of the most comfortable pillows, but with the added benefit of being filled with water.

The idea behind the pillow is to use it in various ways. Still, it’s best for people looking for a more therapeutic experience than traditional pillows can offer against hurting the head. 

This situation means that the pillow can be great for people who get hurt from neck pain or other ailments while laying down and want a way to help relieve their aches and pains. 

Many people also find that it’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep and a relaxing massage when they’re not at home. 


  • There are plenty of pillows available in unique shapes and sizes for laying down that can help against hurting your head and neck —but if you’re looking for a more affordable solution, here are some recommendations;
  • Make sure the pillow is soft and fluffy enough. A very firm pillow might be suitable for some people but could be pushing the top part of your head up at too steep an angle. If the pillow is up or too hard, this could put undue stress on your neck or cause a stiff neck.
  • Try between sleeping on your back and your side. Side sleepers tend to rest their heads lower than back sleepers, so switching between positions may help relieve hurting your head from a pillow.
  • Use a pillow that is specifically designed for side-sleepers. 
  • Try another sleeping position and see if you still hurt your head when you lay down on your pillow.

The most important thing about choosing and buying a pillow for you is finding out which sleeping position is most comfortable and healthy. 

This condition will prevent much back or neck pain or just feeling like you are sitting on something rock hard.


We must consider the modern human as a part of a machine. The mind and body are two different sides of the same thing that, when at Peace, function better together. 

Therefore, one’s perception should be strengthened by the mind, which will help achieve this peace when laying on a pillow to avoid getting head from hurting. It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Think about yourself and your actions and ask yourself what you need to change to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Once you identify those things (it might take some work), implement them one step at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to living a healthier life!

However, the best pillow for you is the one that offers proper lumbar, neck, and head support and a degree of softness when you lay down on it that will prevent your head from hurting by the end of the night. 

Our expert opinion says that Buckwheat pillows are the world’s longest-used natural pillow, and today’s buckwheat pillows are designed to provide maximum customization and comfort when your head is hurting. 

Of course, everyone has a slightly different idea of what constitutes the perfect pillow. Start comparing pillows today to find out what features are important to you and which ones you might prefer over others.

In addition, it is best to talk with your doctor if you frequently get your head hurt which occurs when you lay down. 

These headaches can be a sign of underlying health conditions. You may also want to try sleeping in a different position or using a different pillow to see if it helps reduce these headaches.

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