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What Mattress Does Tom Brady Use

Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, is known for his strict diet and workout regimen. He also places a high value on sleep and recovery, which is why many people are curious about, “what mattress does Tom Brady use”. 

In this article, we will explore what mattress Tom Brady uses and why it’s important for his sleep and recovery.

What mattress does Tom Brady use?

The Molecule Microban, also known as Molecule 2 and famously used by Tom Brady, is a premium mattress with some unique features. 

It incorporates Microban, an antimicrobial technology that helps keep the mattress clean and free of harmful bacteria. 

The mattress also uses a special foam layer that provides extra support and pressure relief, making it particularly comfortable for side sleepers. 

Molecule Microban cover:

Additionally, the Molecule Microban has a breathable cover that helps regulate temperature and keep you cool throughout the night. 

Although more expensive than the original Molecule mattress, the Molecule Microban offers added benefits that justify the price for those seeking a high-end sleeping experience.

The Molecule 2 mattress features the same stretch and wicking fabric as the original Molecule mattress, providing a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. However, the Molecule 2 has two key upgrades that set it apart. 

Sleep and recovery are also important to him, so many people wonder, “what mattress does Tom Brady use ”. First, the mattress has a more luxurious quilting that enhances its overall comfort and aesthetic appeal. 

Additionally, the Molecule 2 has a Microban treatment applied to its surface, which provides antimicrobial protection against common household allergens such as dust mites and mildew. 

This technology helps ensure that the mattress remains clean and hygienic, promoting better health and well-being for the sleeper.

 Molecule 2 foam layers:

The first layer is made of a unique open-cell foam called “Molecularflo Extreme,” which is 5 times more breathable than traditional memory foam. It’s 2 inches thick and is slightly firmer than the foam used in the Molecule 1’s comfort layer.

The Molecule Microban mattress has a three-inch layer of “Recoveryflo” foam, which is the same as the one in Molecule 1. 

This layer has five targeted support zones, which is two more than in Molecule 1. The center of the mattress has large hexagon shapes to provide firm support for your spine, while the hexagons on either side of it vary to give more targeted support for the rest of your body. The foam in this layer is very dense and firm.

The Molecule mattresses have 7 inches of firm polyfoam which is designed to be more breathable than the regular polyfoams used in other mattresses. This foam is used in both the Molecule mattresses.

What Mattress Does Tom Brady Use
What Mattress Does Tom Brady Use

Salient features of Molecule Microban mattress:

Besides taking, Tom Brady also cares about how he feels, so a lot of people wonder what mattress does Tom Brady use.

The Molecule Microban mattress is slightly firmer than the Molecule 1, due to the slightly higher density of the Molecularflo comfort foam. 

It’s rated as medium-firm. It has a more responsive feel and you won’t feel like this mattress is hugging you. It will be easier to change positions as you sleep and will sleep cooler, thanks to its increased airflow.

Both the Molecule 1 and Molecule Microban will do a good job at motion isolation, which is great news if you share a bed with someone who tosses and turns in the night, or gets up a lot to use the bathroom. 

Memory foam is not known for having any bounce, and the two Molecule mattresses are definitely not bouncy. 

This lack of bounce can be a good thing if you’re looking for a bed that will allow you to sink in and get comfortable, but may not be ideal if you want a mattress that is easier to move around on.


Innovative technology is used in the product.

The product offers good value for its price.

The product comes with a generous trial and warranty.


May not be suitable for all sleepers, and there is a mandatory 30-day trial period before you can return the mattress.


We hope you people have got clear idea of, “what mattress does Tom Brady use?” The  Molecule Microban is a luxury mattress that’s ideally fit for balanced comfort and support. 

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface or just want to sleep like Tom Brady, consider Molecule Microban.

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